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Special Guest


Known for her spicy palette and sassy attitude, Steph de Sousa will host a range of demonstrations alongside local chefs, home cooks, business owners and stallholders featuring all things chocolate and coffee.

Steph is a home cook turned professional chef, via a trip through the Masterchef kitchen.

Steph shone during season 11 of Masterchef Australia and soon became a much loved competitor for her freestyle creative homestyle cooking.

Since appearing on the show she has made cooking her life and is now a chef.  However her great love is to inspire everyone to get back in the kitchen and cook a meal using basic pantry ingredients with fresh local produce.  No trips to the fine ingredient store or the need to use fungus of a german mushroom only found in the hills of Afghanistan.

Steph brings an inspiring energy to the kitchen that lets you know that you can cook.  All you have to do is give it a go and realise that beauty is in fact imperfection.

A big thank you to Steph for hosting the stage in 2022.