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Glitch Coffee Roasters

We are happy to have Glitch Coffee Roasters onboard as the Featured Coffee Partner for Maitland Aroma 2021.  

Based in Newcastle, Glitch takes pride in providing high quality, consistent coffee delivered with reliability and a passion for service to the cafe and wholesale market.

The team have diverse backgrounds, providing effective solutions in all aspects of the coffee industry for our partners. Above all, they are passionate about sharing knowledge and helping our cafe owners and wholesale partners succeed.

Glitch specialise in high quality, consistent coffee that is fully traceable back to the farmers, sourcing ethically produced coffees to a high-quality standard providing a strong point of difference. Glitch Coffee Roasters are excited to partner with Maitland Aroma Festival as the Featured Coffee Partner and look forward to serving our four main blends throughout the festival.

If you are interested in serving Glitch products in your cafe or restaurant, For information about Glitch please click here