Aroma Activities

We would like to send a big thank you to all of those who assisted with the running of our activities at Maitland Aroma in 2018.

Each and every one of them were a huge success and it would not have been possible without your assistance.

Babyccinos Kids Cafe

Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who assisted with the running of all activities within the Babyccino’s Kids Cafe space.

Brownie Bar

A huge thank you to Alina Mackee and her team at The Cunning Culinarian who hosted The Brownie Bar this year at Maitland Aroma. The activity was a huge success, selling out of brownies both days!

Pop Up Library

This year at Maitland Aroma, the staff of Maitland Library hosted our Pop Up Library where kid’s had the opportunity to do the following:

  • Storytelling
  • Chill-out space for children
  • Books on chocolate, coffee, cooking, etc
  • Guessing competition for children
  • Give-away bookmarks with quotes about chocolate and coffee
  • 10 reasons to read with chocolate

Pottery Demonstrations

Over the weekend at Maitland Aroma, celebrated ceramicist Katherine Mahoney ran a series of throwing pottery demonstrations on a pottery wheel. It was a huge success with a big turn out of attendees at each of the demonstrations.

Flavour Stage

Thank you to all of our demonstrators and MC Paul Miranda for contributing to the Maitland Aroma Demonstration program.

All of the demonstrations were a great success with one of the biggest turnout’s we have had at the stage.

Crema Stage

Thank you to all of our performers for contributing to the Maitland Aroma stage program for 2018.